4-9-13 and 4-10-13


I ran 1 mile at school. Was super sore.


I ran 2 miles, once again without walking. I had to stop and pick up my headband and put it on, but I couldn’t just leave it there!!! Anyway, comment me. Ask me questions. Yeah. Go. NOW!!! Comment…or I will go all “I’m so ashamed of you guys” on you. That’s right.



Ran 2.5 miles without stopping or walking. 🙂 anyway, I had to stop for like 5 seconds o let a car pass:( oh well but anyway it was SUPER WINDY. I was very tired. Oh well!



Well, I’m proud of myself today. I ran 2.5 miles without stopping or walking. Now, I have a Charlie horse and walk like a newborn calf:( oh well.